Jason Butler is democrat running to represent North Carolina’s 2nd District in Congress and flip the district from the incumbent, George Holding (R).

Jason is a native of North Carolina who has served his community as a pastor, community organizer, advocate for justice, and non-profit executive.

He is a graduate of Campbell University and holds a doctorate from Duke Divinity. Jason is currently the pastor of Open Table United Methodist Church, a progressive, diverse and affirming congregation. He is also the co-founder of Exploit No More in Milwaukee, WI whose mission is to provide aftercare for underage victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Jason has worked closely with International Justice Mission, the Christian Community Development Association, and the Industrial Areas Foundation to organize communities for the common good.

Jason lives in Raleigh with his wife and three children.

Why I’m running

I believe that as Americans, we are called to pursue liberty and justice for every single person. While some believe that we become powerful by pushing others down, I believe that we become truly successful by lifting each other up.

I’ve spent years fighting for the protection of our most vulnerable and have consistently stood against the economic and political forces of fear and exploitation that destroy our communities and drive us apart. I feel that we have lost our moral compass as a nation and that we need to recapture our vision of creating a society where every person is treated with dignity, where we strive towards equality, and pursue a flourishing future for all.

I’m running for:

  • Affordable healthcare for all
    • We live in the richest nation in the history of the world and we cannot be a nation where corporations make billions in profit and so many others suffer because of lack of health insurance. To me, as a person of faith, this is immoral. No one should be sick because they are poor and no one should be poor because they are sick. We can do better! I support Medicare for All and, in the meantime, the expansion of Medicaid in order to ensure that every person is covered. This is the moral imperative of our age and we must come together and summon all our national courage to provide solutions that work for everyone.
  • The protection of the environment
    • Our environment is in crisis and we must take urgent action to ensure a planet for the next generation. This issue cannot wait! That’s why I will fight for plans such as the Green New Deal that prioritize building clean infrastructure in our rural communities which create jobs, protect the environment, and provide the energy growing businesses need. We must to protect our water systems, our vulnerable populations, and our indigenous communities from toxic chemicals that destroy the health of ecosystems and individuals. This is a global crisis and America needs to be a global leader to build partnerships and climate agreements that begin to reverse greenhouse gas levels. We do not have a Planet B.
  • An equitable free-market economy
    • No one that works forty hours a week should be poor. Period. Every person that works should be able to afford to buy a home, send their children to college, and retire comfortably. I support raising the minimum wage to a living wage, eliminating discrimination from our lending policies, offering near-zero percent student loans, lowing the cost of college, and ensuring a tax system where corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share – including eliminating the Social Security cap. I will work for solutions that create jobs, protect our farmers, and build wealth for our rural and under-resourced urban communities.
  • Racial, Gender, and LGBTQIA+ equity
    • “Love your neighbor as yourself” means that we treat our neighbors with the dignity and respect that we desire for ourselves. As one who deeply believes in the principles of social justice I believe that in order to create a truly great society we must fight for equal rights for all people – regardless of the color of our skin, our income, our gender, or our sexuality. I will fight to ensure liberty and justice for ALL people and push back against the forces that seek to dehumanize and marginalize anyone, ever. Everyone needs equal and free access to wealth, to education, and to the vote.
  • Families Together” immigration reform
    • Separating immigrant and refugee families is immoral and we cannot continue to allow this to happen. I will fight for an immigration policy that keeps families together, creates a pathway to citizenship for legal residents, and supports citizenship for our DACA dreamers. While we cannot be a nation of open borders – we can make sure we treat each person seeking a better life with the care and compassion that they deserve. Immigrant do not weaken our nation, but rather, they make it stronger.
  • Well-funded public school systems
    • As the husband to a teacher I believe we must prioritize our public schools. We need bold investments in our schools and our teachers. Our future literally depends upon raising up children who will be our future leaders. I support teacher raises and funding schools that include strong STEM programs as well as the arts and music. All children, regardless of income, deserve full access to programs that empower them to excel academically and discover their gifts.
  • Addressing the Opioid Crisis in our Rural Communities
    • Every day 130 Americans die from opioid overdoes. Since 1999 400,000 Americans have died from opioid related overdoses. This is America’s real national emergency and needs to be treated as such. Families are being destroyed every single day– many in our rural counties – because big pharmaceutical companies like Purdue and others preyed on rural communities by conspiring to push these painkillers on isolated and vulnerable communities. People are dying “deaths of despair” and we need to respond accordingly as a nation by declaring a national emergency, holding wrong-doing pharmaceutical companies liable, and allocating $10 billion a year in community based opioid recovery assistance. Ensuring healthcare for all goes hand-in-hand and is essential in this fight as well as these communities need access to both healthcare and mental health care to heal from suffering this epidemic has unleashed.

I also support a ban on assault weapons, offering zero percent student loans, ending damaging trade wars, reversing Citizens United, and religious liberty for people of all faiths.

Jason has been endorsed by Blue America. You can read the article he wrote for them here: